Koji-AjiTM is a seasoning that provides the "Kokumi" sensation, a new concept that is beyond the five basic tastes (sweet, salty, bitter, acid and Umami).

"Kokumi" is a Japanese word that expresses the concept of "delicious", a mixture of impact of flavor, mouth fullness and long-lasting and harmony. Therefore, the Kokumi goes beyond the perception ofthe 5 basic tastes and provides us with a much more complete flavor profile.

Application: Can be applied in processed meat products, broths, soups, sauces, ready-made meals, snacks, seasonings and aromas flavors.

Box of 10 kg containing 10 pack soft 1 kg


  • It confers Kokumi sensation

  • It promotes impact, mouth fullness and long-lasting of flavor.

  • Provides full flavor.

Usage recommendations

The dosage of KOJI-AJITM varies according to the type of product and purpose desired in each application.
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In Brazil:
Registration dispensed according Brazilian legislation RDC n° 23/00 and RDC n ° 27/10.
The product is in compliance with the Brazilian legislation RDC n ° 12/01 and RDC n ° 26/15 and Codex guidelines.

Additional Information

Made in Japan.