Food Ingredients Division

Ajinomoto Food Ingredients

The Food Ingredients division produces and commercialize solutions for the food industry with the goal of contributing to better nutrition, offering quality products and innovative solutions, as well asassisting its customers to develop healthier and tastier products to achieve competitive advantages in the food segment.

Our Structure

Our knowledge of ingredients is the basis for the development of specific solutions for our customers. Through decades of experience and significant knowledge of the properties of each ingredient we use, we are able to develop solutions to improve products from the most diverse segments of the food market.

Our technical structure was designed in order to attend the needs of our customers in the search for solutions with quality ingredients for different segments of the food industry.

Our structure has:
• Pilot trials for different markets (meat, dairy products, bakery, confectionery, pasta, among others).
• Application laboratory:
     - Application equipment;
     - Physical-chemical analysis equipment;
• Structurefor carrying out shelf life studies for food products.
• Structure with booths for sensory analysis (Sensory Core).

Application and Development Center (ADC)

At the Application and Development Center (ADC), we carry out pilot trials with equipment simulating industrial conditions and enable an in-dep the valuation of the feasibility of processes, products, technologies and applications.

We work in partnership with our customers during product development, with the aim of meeting the needs of a market increasingly eager for innovation. With constant investment,Ajinomoto's Development and Application Center has quality equipment to support our customers.

What we do?

∙ Application and performance evaluation of ingredients
∙ Development of tests of new products
∙ Sensory analysis
∙ Tasting and products sampling
∙ Shelf life study of products

How we do?

Initially we understand the objectives and the needs of each customer and after analyzing the information, we offer solutions in ingredients for the products of our customers can be differ to the others in the market.

To ensure the standardization of process, the products are tested in our Application and Development Center and the results are confidential, being presented in exclusively reports for each customer and may also include the data obtained at the sensory laboratory in Ajinomoto.

Ajinomoto Sensory Laboratory

In our Sensory Nucleus, we carry out tests to measure, analyze and interpret the reactions of consumers to the characteristics of foods/ products and how they are perceived by the senses of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing.

Equipped with an excellent structure to perform sensory analysis with confidence and quality, the Sensory Laboratory allows consistent evaluations of the benefits our ingredients offer to our customers' products.

Technical Team

The Food Ingredients division counts on a technical team formed by professionals specialized in the food areas and with recognized competence to formulate customized products to meet the demands of quality, safety and performance that the market demands.

The renowned quality of the products and the competence of the Ajinomoto Food Ingredients professionals has made it a leading provider of solutions for the food industry and to maintain high quality levels, the Ajinomoto invests in the continuous training of its professionals and in partner ships with Universities and research centers in Brazil and worldwide, in addition to receiving training from our headquarters in Japan.

Working in this way, Ajinomoto's Food Ingredients division has been able to add quality of life to the food of people.

Quality Control

Ajinomoto is committed to promoting continuous improvement, with a focus on quality of products and the environment, with an integrated management system that includes several Quality certifications, based on the concepts of the international ISO standard.
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Certification Scope and Policy
  • ISO 9001

    Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001

    Environmental Management System
  • ISO 45001

    Health and Safety Management System
  • FSSC 22000

    Food Safety Management System