ACTIVA® is a line of enzyme preparations based on transglutaminase, an enzyme that has the ability to polymerize food proteins and improve their characteristics, resulting in technological benefits for the food industry and consumers.

ACTIVA®TG-S-NF is an enzyme preparation indicated for improving texture in meat products, such as: fresh sausage, bologna sausage, hot dog sausage, ham, etc.
box of 10 kg containing 10 packages of 1 kg.


  • Improve the texture due to increased firmness, slice ability and chewing.

  • Cost reduction by adjusting formulations while maintaining the product quality.

  • Improves juiciness with reduced water loss during cooking.

  • Improvement of the dough cohesion, avoiding the detachment of fat in the cut.

Usage Recommendations

The dosage of ACTIVA ® TG-S-NF varies according to the type of product and objective desired in each application. Contact us for technical support.


Keep in a dry and well-ventilated place. Avoid direct contact with sunlight. After opening the packaging, seal the original packaging in a vacuum, store below 5 °C.


In Brazil: Registration dispensed in accordance to the Brazilian laws RDC n ° 23/00 and RDC n ° 27/10.
The product complies with Brazilian regulations RDC No. 12/01 and RDC No. 26/15 and guidelines of JECFA and Codex.

Additional Information

Made in Brazil.