AminoSweet is a low calorie sweetener based on aspartame, produced by Ajinomoto from two amino acids (aspartic acid and phenylalanine), which are found naturally in foods like milk, cheese, meat, eggs and fish.

With sweetener power 200 times higher than sugar, AminoSweet is considered an excellent low-calorie sweetener for foods and beverages, for the quality of its sugar-like taste and without any undesirable residual tastes. Besides to act as a sweetener, AminoSweet is also a flavor enhancer for some categories according to local laws or regulations.

Application: Can be used in a variety of applications such as: table top sweeteners, powder mixes, cornflakes, chewing gums, hard and soft candies, desserts, beverages, dairy products, frozen and chilled foods, jellies, toppings, syrups, baked products and pharmaceuticals.
Box of 25 kg


  • It allows the sugar reduction and allows the development of products less caloric.

  • It promotes the cost reduction, used in low volume on sugar substitution.

  • Mask flavors, flavors or undesirable notes (metallic, bitter, soy, acid, etc.)

  • It improves the sensorial profile of the final product.

Usage recommendations

AminoSweet dosage varies by product type. Contact us for technical support.


In Brazil:
Registration dispensed according Brazilian legislation RDC n °23/00 and RDC n ° 27/10.
The product complies with Brazilian regulations RDC No. 12/01 and RDC No. 26/15 and guidelines of JECFA and Codex. 

Approved in over 135 countries and leading regulatory authorities, including: WHO (World Health Organization), FDA (Food and Drug Administration), JECFA (Food Additives Specialist Component).

Additional Information

Made in Japan.