HARMONIX®-F is a prepared seasoning developed by Ajinomoto, which acts a flavor enhancer to improve and harmonize the taste of meat products in general, both processed marinated and seasoned meat.

Application: can be applied in meat products such as fresh sausage, hot dog sausages, bologna sausage, ham, mixed ham, hamburgers, etc.

Box of 9 kg containing 15 pack soft 600 g


  • Enhances the meat flavor.

  • It promotes Umami in the right dosage and improves the overall flavor of the products.

  • Harmonizes the typical seasoning of each product.

  • Does not change the color and texture of food.

Usage recommendations

Add 01 pack of 600 g in 100 kg of product.
It can be mixed with the other ingredients of your product or diluted in brines used for injection.


In Brazil:
Registration dispensed according Brazilian legislation RDC n° 23/00 and RDC n ° 27/10.
The product complies with Brazilian legislation RDC No. 12/01 and RDC No. 26/15.

Additional Information

Made in Brazil.