KOKUMIX M is a meat flavor seasoning developed by Ajinomoto with high quality ingredients, to enrich the meat aroma and flavor of the products. Besides that, KOKUMIX M also allows the costs reduction of formulations, once it enhances the sensory perception of other ingredients.

KOKUMIX M also encompasses two concepts relating to the human taste: the Umami (5th basic taste) and Kokumi (Japanese word meaning “rich flavor” and linked to sensory perception).It is the experience offered by delicious foods, with flavors that balance sensations of impact, fulfillment and long lasting.
box of 6 kg containing 6 packages of 1 kg.


  • Provides the Umami taste and Kokumi sensation.

  • Enrich meat flavor and aroma.

  • Provides complexity, impact, long lasting and harmonizes flavors.

  • Enables costreduction of formulations.

  • Gluten free.

  • Can be declared in the ingredient list as meat flavor seasoning.

Usage Recommendations

It can be applied to processed meat products (sausages, ham, hamburger, among others), broths, soups, meat or bolognese sauces, ready-made dishes (eg highlights the flavor of bacon), instant noodles, snacks (pasta or surface), among others


In Brazil:
Exempted from registration in accordance with Brazilian legislation RDC n ° 23/00 and RDC n ° 27/10.
The product complies with Brazilian regulations RDC n°12/01, RDC n° 14/14 e RDC n° 26/15 and guidelines of Codex Alimentarius.

Additional Information

Made in Brazil.